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Participation in Research Projects


The ESPERASPIS research project aims to further develop and improve the competitiveness of citrus cultivation as a new national strategy for cultivation and agricultural practices.


The aim of CasH is to use its technology and know-how to develop and investigate vegetable co-cultures in hydroponic greenhouses. Agrostis participates in the program in the context of system development for decision support.

ffa – Farm Financial Analysis

ifarma-ffa is a tool addressed to the individual producer or agricultural small scale farms. Taking into account cost and profitability analyses, it contributes to the optimal economic management of the agricultural holding.

QIfresh – Quality Inspection app for Fresh fruit and vegetables

Qifresh is an application that allows traders, certification organizations and suppliers to collaborate throughout the quality control process of fresh fruit and vegetable shipments. It is based on FiWare technology and fully supports the European directive 543/2011 which defines the general specifications for marketing fruit and vegetables.


Primary objective of the IMPPeach project is to provide accurate prediction of yields/quantities and harvest dates for optimum maturity of peach crops (canning peach varieties) in order to optimize production planning for canning facilities.


Monitoring and control of crop productivity in cluster greenhouses from the computer or mobile phone.


The program aims:

  • to develop aquaculture for the first time in Greece as a bio-safe food production system, with a low environmental footprint and high added value
  • to develop a software that will support aquaculture on an urban and industrial scale by producing new technology
  • at the rational management and saving of water resources and
  • to connect academic research in aquaculture with the needs of the market and the economy through the creation of a network of cooperation that will enhance the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises to the direction of good agricultural practice and sustainability.

Agrostis participates in the program as part of the development of a decision support system.

mint – Monitoring of INsect Traps

ifarma-mint is an innovative tool for monitoring in detail any entomological infestation on a farm.