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Control systems Sercom

Agrostis Ltd is the exclusive representative in Greece of automated greenhouse control systems of the Dutch company SERCOM. These systems are characterized by reliability and flexibility (adapted to the size of the greenhouse and the number of control systems). All functions of the greenhouse can be controlled from a central unit using touch screen or PC and the appropriate software in many languages.


Κεφαλή υδρολίπανσης SC720 - 2 δεξαμενές
Sercom SC720 fertigation unit installed in the area of Kozani, capable of manipulating two (2) fertilizer tanks plus one (1) acid via computer panel.


Κεφαλή υδρολίπανσης SC720 - 4 δεξαμενές
Sercom SC720 fertigation unit, installed in the area of Plomari – Lesvos island, capable of manipulating four (4) fertilizer tanks plus one (1) acid via computer panel.
Κεφαλή υδρολίπανσης SC800
Fertigation unit SC800 installed in Vassilika Thessaloniki equipped with pair EC and pH sensors.


Λογισμικό της εταιρείας Sercom, με την ονομασία SercoVision
Greenhouse control software Sercovision. The software is provided in different languages.


Κεντρική μονάδα ελέγχου κλίματος θερμοκηπίου της εταιρείας Sercom και κεφαλή υδρολίπανσης SC900
Sercom climate computer and fertigation unit SC900 for manipulating six (6) fertilization tanks plus one (1) acid, installed at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in an experimental greenhouse. Climate Computer SC900 with embedded processor for safety and reliability.
Σύστημα απολύμανσης νερού στράγγισης με χρήση ζεύγους λαμπτήρων UV σε πειραματικό θερμοκήπιο του Α.Π.Θ.
Drainage water disinfection system using a pair of UV lamps, installed in an experimental greenhouse of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The systems was designed and installed by Agrostis Ltd.


Βασιλικά Θεσσαλονίκης μετά την εγκατάσταση κεφαλής υδρολίπανσης που ελέγχεται από υπολογιστή SC800
Mr. Vangelis Vassiliadis (to the right), head of Agrostis product development team, with company partners in Vassilika Thessaloniki after the installation of a SC800 fertigation unit controlled by computer of Sercom.