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Agrostis, founded in 2012, is an Agro-Technology company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company develops and markets software and automation are solutions exclusively focused on the agricultural sector. Agrostis combines unique know-how and expertise in the fields of Agricultural science and Information Technology and is staffed by experienced executives and highly trained staff.

Farm Management software and Digital Farming Applications

In 2014, Agrostis introduced to the Greek market the first Farm Management Information System (FMIS), ifarma, which remains since its core and flagship product. ifarma, is now a well-known trademark and is recognized as the best farm management software for agricultural holdings in Greece, used by some of the largest companies operating in the agricultural sector such as wineries, trading and export companies, cooperatives and producer organizations as well as many small and medium farming business and smallholder farmers.

The company now offers as set of digital farming products and services supporting Farming as a Service.

Greenhouse automation and control systems

Agrostis designs, markets and installs greenhouse control systems (clima and fertigation) and other automation systems for the agricultural sector and is the distributor in Greece for the Dutch company  SERCOM, manufacturer of advanced automated Greenhouse control systems.

Agrostis is a leader in the Greek market for digital farming solutions. Its customers include professional farmers, agricultural cooperatives, producer organizations, wineries, businesses active in contract farming, seed production, consulting, crop and farm certification and quality control, export of agricultural products, greenhouse construction and potential investors.

Agrostis works closely with its customers to understand and meet their needs, to continuously improve its technology offerings, and to provide high quality customer service and support.